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HP48 files

HP49G files


Tiny Encryption Algorithm for both HP48 and HP49G. Source is included.

Reading entries

Othello Game Board. Play human vs human only. Has store and edit features. Written in sys-rpl and machine language. Source included.


Using jazz

Working with strings


Day of week

Processor speed

Detecting keys

Drawing with fonts

Sokoban1.2. Includes 89 levels. Both for HP48 and HP49G. Source included.

Changing the contrast

The Library Data object

How to read the keyboard on the HP49G.

How to produce sound effects

A ml version of the scribe (pdf) program from Jim Donnely's book. Scribe (text).

Ran32 (pdf), a program that produces random hex digits. ran32.eps (postscript), ran32.s (text).

EZ-Char1.2a. A character browser for the HP48. Written in ml. Source included.

The classic HP48G(X) minehunt game converted to the HP49G. Pops up in the [APPS] games menu. Source included.

TTT, a grayscale tic-tac-toe. A custom interrupt handler is demonstrated here. Source included.

Mgrid, an assembly program that draws grids centered in the display. Above example:
1 31 65 MGRID
Source included.

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