Daniel Lidströms HP48 resource collection: https://tarapitha.eu/hpcalc/danli97

Some programs for the Hewlett Packard HP48 calculator written by Robert Tiismus:

  • grobflip.tar.gz v2.0 Utilities to flip and rotate HP48 graphics objects, eg. GROB's.
  • p0fix.tar.gz. The utility to recover from "hidden port 0 memory" condition. Neccessary when it seems that there are some missing memory space on your calculator.
  • Utility for splitting up the downloaded HP48 directory objects -
    splitdir.tar.gz: Old MSDOS binary version.
    splitdir-2.1.tar.gz: Current source code. Tested on Linux RedHat 6.0
  • grob2bmp-1.0.tgz. Utility for converting the downloaded HP48 graphic objects to BMP. Sources included.
  • rtools v1.0 - some utility collection for HP48 calculator.
  • wipemem.tar.gz - enhance the security of your calculator by wiping off the unused memory areas.
  • IDClock.tgz - Source code of a digital clock with big numbers. It uses the same interrupt routine as the system clock display routine. That way, the program is small, uses little power and does not cause drift of the system time.